Principles & Values

Clear Path For Veterans is an all-inclusive, 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based resource center that partners with local businesses and organizations to connect service members and their families to the resources they need, and provide them with in-house non-clinical programs to ensure that our Veterans are holistically supported in all of their physical and emotional needs.

Clear Path aims to educate the local community on military and warrior culture and show them how they can help support them. We offer Veterans opportunities to give back reinforcing their value within their community.

Our Principles

Veteran & Family Focused

Clear Path exists to serve Veterans and their families, period.

Culturally Competent, Mission-Driven Staff

Clear Path only employs staff who “get it.” This means a high proportion of the staff themselves are Veterans or military family members.

Build Trust – Barrier Free

Clear Path takes pains to identify and remove as many barriers to access as possible and to build trust with Veterans.

Coordinated & Clear

Clear Path offers Veterans a clear path to following the life cycle of a warrior; a roadmap through the web of available resources, support, and wellness opportunities.


Complement, Don’t Duplicate

Clear Path does not build in-house capacity to meet every need. Instead, our goal is to complement what already exists.

Active Outreach & Engagement

Clear Path is committed to and invests in outreach efforts to connect with Veterans, their families, and their community.


Clear Path spends the time necessary to develop and maintain a careful plan of action to achieve articulated goals.

Learning & Education

Clear Path addresses complex needs and services while at the same time adapting to our changing environment. Education of military and warrior culture is equally important in mission and vision.

Our Values


Creating a caring community within our walls and beyond.


Providing the path for others to follow.

Empower through Choice

Empowering Veterans to improve their lives and the lives of others.



Being accountable to our mission, our Veterans, our community, our stakeholders, and ourselves.


Showing respect for oneself, for others, and for the beauty that surrounds us.