Combat Vets Anonymous - C.V.A.

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(315) 687-3300

Clear Path for Veterans
1223 Salt Springs Road
Chittenango, NY 13037
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Combat Veterans take note:

If you:

  • Can sleep at night without meds, marijuana, or alcohol
  • Get along great with your wife, family and other civilians
  • Do not regularly abuse alcohol or other drugs
  • Can handle loud noises, crowds, and stupid drivers

Then, congratulations; you do not need us!

But, if you can’t, then quite possibly you, too, have combat or service-connected PTSD like us and you may want to check us out.

Combat Vets Anonymous – C.V.A.

Combat Vets Anonymous (CVA) is an A.A.-like 12-step spiritual recovery and mutual support group for Veterans of all wars who have combat or service-connected Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • *We are not part of the V.A.
  • *We charge no fees
  • *Like A.A. we are spiritual, but not religious
  • *Our meetings are anonymous and confidential
  • *We are all Veterans with PTSD
  • *No “experts” – no “counselors” – no “wannabes”!
  • *We are by Vets, for Vets!

Our meetings are offered:

Every other Monday here at Clear Path for Veterans, 1223 Salt Springs Road, Chittenango – Contact Jan at (315) 794-1671 for more information.

Tuesdays at the Syracuse Vet Center, 109 Pine St., Syracuse – Contact Derek at (315) 468-1302, Jan at (315) 794-1671 or Tom at (315) 363-2072 for more information.

Wednesdays in the First Baptist Church Meeting Room (corner of Main and Washington Streets in Oneida – Contact Tom at (315) 363-2072 or Jan at (315) 794-1671 for more information.