K9 Mingle Dog Training

What is K9 Mingle?

Helping Veterans find ways to integrate with the community is paramount to the success of our Dogs2Vets program.  Giving back comes naturally to those who serve in the military and our K9 Mingle Program is a perfect opportunity for our Canine Programming participants and graduates to do that.  Simultaneously, our K9 Mingle Program invites the community to our facility and brings together the military and non-military communities with a portion of the proceeds going back into Canine Program here at Clear Path for Veterans.  The common goal is simple: training your dog, having fun doing it, and helping our local Veteran community.  

K9 Mingle Program is either a 60-day membership or payment per class ("a-la-carte"). The fee is $90 per class or $165 for a 60-day membership.  The membership fee includes classes, modules, and workshops (listed below) that fall within the 60-day membership.  It also offers access to off leash play areas and trails.  Memberships for Veterans and active Military members are discounted to $85 for a 60-day membership and $45 per class.  We also offer classes, modules, and workshops à la carte (but without access to off-leash play areas and trails) with their pricing listed below.  All classes, modules, and workshops are taught by professional trainers and may be assisted by our Canine Program participants and graduates.  Our training model has been developed by our team of trainers who collectively have more than 20 years of experience in animal behavior and are committed to bringing the most effective techniques to our members.  Veterans assisting the program have at least one year of intensive training themselves and refine their skills while at the same time are giving back to the same program that helped them.

All dogs must be registered for a foundation class, novelty class, or module before coming in for a class or module. The only exception to this is Puppy class. The Puppy classes are drop-in classes, meaning there is no need to pre-register for this class. All dogs must have proof of up-to-date vaccination records, flea/tick medications, and heartworm medications before beginning any training classes at Clear Path for Veterans.

Upcoming Classes: 

  • Puppy Class - 9:15 a.m. Every Saturday (except holiday weekends)
  • Basic I - 10:30 a.m. Saturday, November 9 (Brooke)
  • Basic II - 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 12 (C.J.)

Interested in K9 Mingle?

Foundation Classes:

Puppy Class

Basic One Obedience

Basic Two Obedience

Intermediate Obedience

Advanced Obedience

Novelty Classes:

Agility For Fun


Life Happens

Canine Good Citizen



Loose Leash



Body Language


Lure Coursing

Crate Training 


Pet First Aid

Guest Speakers

Problem Solving


Puppy Class - One of the most important classes your dog will take!  This weekly class is offered for pups 8-16 weeks of age. Class will cover proper socialization, bite inhibition, understanding valuable resources and fundamental behaviors such as focus, sit, etc. 

Basic I – This 4-week long class will go over the fundamentals of dog training. It is located in our dog training area or outside (weather permitting) the facility on the Clear Path for Veterans property. In this class, you and your dog will learn basic manners on leash such as sit, down, loose leash walking, etc. These behaviors will be taught with minimal distance, duration, and distractions.

Basic II – This 4-week long class is a continuation of the Basic I Obedience class with the addition of some new behaviors. You and your dog will begin working on adding small amounts of duration, distance, and distractions to behaviors. It is located in our dog training area or outside (weather permitting) the facility on the Clear Path for Veterans property.

Intermediate – This 4-week long class practices behaviors taught in Basic I and II. We work on distances of up to 12’ and one-minute duration sits and downs. There will be added distractions during these behaviors such as a person in a wheelchair moving around, a ball bouncing, training in a different area(s) of the facility or outdoors, etc. This class is also intended to help teach you which tool(s) to use for certain real-life scenarios.

Advanced – This 4-week class is completely off-leash (some of these classes may be off-site in dog friendly parks or stores). Your dog must be dog friendly to be in this class. We will work on your dog heeling by your side while walking through many distracting obstacles. Recalls will become solid with increased distance. Most importantly, we will introduce an emergency stop for safety when your dog is off-leash.

Agility-For-Fun – Our Agility-For-Fun class is a 4-week long class that offers many obstacles such as tunnels, jumps and weave poles. This class is not taught for competition but rather for fun to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

Tricks – In this 4-week class, you get to choose which trick(s) you would like to teach your dog. Teaching your dog "tricks" is a fun way to keep you and your dog from becoming bored with routine behaviors. The trainer works with you to achieve a goal with a variety of different training techniques. Some tricks may be more challenging to teach than others and may taking several steps to shape the end behavior.

Life Happens - We all understand the importance of training our dogs to perform behaviors we like.  We are supposed to set up situations where they can be successful and reward them.  But what do we do when we find ourselves in a situation we know our dog's cannot handle?  This class will teach you the tools on how to manage your dog's behavior when in an environment or situation your dog is not ready to be in.  These tools will help to avoid setting our training back as well as manage their behavior so they do not practice something we do not want. 

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) - The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class was designed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to reward dogs that exhibit good manners in the home and community. This class preps you for a ten-step exam at the end of the class. Once you and your dog have passed this exam, you can register for your dog's AKC CGC title by sending in the form provided on the last day of class. It is suggested to take our Basic I, Basic II, and Intermediate classes before registering for the CGC class.

Modules – Our modules run an hour and a half in length and revolve around a specific topic. For example, loose leash, focus, and crate training modules are intended to strengthen these fundamental behaviors. We choose both interesting topics and those that are the most problematic for owners. By working on one specific topic, the trainer can give you as much information as possible to set you and your dog up for success in everyday life.

Focus Module: Focus is the foundation of all dog training.  It’s hard to get your dog to do anything else without it! The Focus Module covers exercises/games you can use to build your dog's focus on you.  It will also go over common misconceptions and ways to build focus during your everyday life.

Canine Body Language: Wouldn’t you like to have a better idea of what your dog is thinking, minimize frustration in training, improve your relationship, and help reduce undesired behavior?  Our Canine Body Languagemodule will focus on how to properly understand canine communication.  Students will learn what the signs of stress are and how to read the entire dog and not just focus on small parts of behavior.  There will be lots of photographic and video examples as well as interactive discussion.  This class is a lecture only; we ask you please leave your dog at home.

Tricks: Tricks are a great way to build a strong bond with your dog and enhance your training skills without the pressure of worrying about learning vital life skills (like a recall!).  They're also a lot of fun and a way to impress your friends.

Etiquette Module: Want your well-behaved dog to be the envy of the neighbors?  Or are you just tired of wiping muddy paw prints off your guests or watching your dog dash out the open door? Our Dog Etiquette Module works on teaching your dog self-control.  The trainer touches on behaviors such as rushing through doors, pulling on leash, jumping on people, etc. and how to curb these behaviors through fun, easy-to-implement exercises.  Our Etiquette module works on your dog’s self-control. 

Life Skills & Husbandry Module: Grooming, nail trims, vet visits, doorbells, vacuums. . .these are some of the often stressful but necessary events our dogs must go through in their lives.  Wouldn’t it be easier on you both if they could enjoy them more?  The husbandry portion of this module focuses on desensitization to items such as nail clippers for trimming, grooming (overall touching and handling your dog), restraint, muzzles and thermometers.  The life skills portion will discuss and work on desensitizing and counter conditioning your dog to a variety of noises and items such as the vacuum cleaner, the doorbell or knocks at the door.

Intro to Clicker Module:   Do you wish you had a better, clearer way to communicate with your dog?  Are you looking to speed up your training process?  If so, then clicker training is exactly what you’re looking for!    This module will run on two separate days (please be sure you are available both days).  The first day (Part I) is about teaching you the skills you’ll need to take full advantage of clicker training.  You won’t need your dog for this class; we’ll be working on you!  The trainer will discuss what clicker training is, how to improve your dog’s responses to your requests, and help you learn the required mechanical skills. You will need to bring a treat pouch/pocket, treats, clicker, and leash. 

The second class (Part II) will be WITH your dog and require a LOT of treats (small, soft treats are best) along with your usual tools of the trade from the first session and a cardboard box (or other novel item).  We'll work on applying the skills you learned in the first class with your dogs.

Enhancing Enrichment:  Stuck inside due to the weather?  Dog laid up after surgery or an injury?  Need some quiet time to yourself but your dog has other ideas?  Does your dog start barking when you're not working with him in a training class and you don't know what to do?  Puzzle toys are a great way to satisfy your dog's needs in these situations or they can just be a fun way to challenge your dog!  Learn how to feed your dog from something other than a boring food bowl!  Dogs naturally want to hunt and work for their food and there are lots of options for us to meet this need.  We'll discuss some of the varied food puzzle toys available on the market in addition to ones you can make at home for practically nothing.  There are lot of options to make mealtime more fun!  This module is lecture only; no dogs please.

Workshops – The workshops hosted at Clear Path for Veterans aim to educate members on topics relating to your dog’s health and training. Different speakers come to the facility to conduct discussions on topics such a Pet First Aid, Holistic Healing, behavioral problem solving, etc. Workshops may be seasonal depending on the availability of our speakers and will last an hour or two depending on the topic.

For questions, class times and to sign up, please contact Canine Program Manager Erin McDonald at K9Mingle@ClearPathForVets.com.