Meet Flash!

This week, we would like to proudly introduce you to Flash!

Flash is named after K-9 “Flash,” a single purpose narcotics detection dog that served with the City of Yakima Police Department in Yakima, Washington.

K-9 Flash was a pet rescue from the Everett, Washington Animal Shelter. Flash had been found on the streets of the city without a home, tags, or any other identifiable information. The day Flash was accepted by her trainer to attend the Narcotics K-9 Course she was scheduled to be euthanized due to her high energy and inability to be social with the other dogs. When Flash started her official K-9 training in October 2005, she did not have a name and she was on several medications from having a low white cell count from living on the streets. Throughout her training Flash slowly got healthier and began to excel at finding narcotics. By the time of graduation Flash went on score a perfect 100% on her initial certification and was the only K-9 in her class to do so. Flash spent her entire career at the Yakima Police Department in Yakima, Washington from 2005 – 2013. During that time Flash worked with the Patrol Division, two separate Narcotics Task Force Units, and the Regional SWAT Team conducting high-risk search warrants for narcotics. Flash had three handlers throughout her career and was the first narcotics K-9 assigned to the Patrol Division in the history of the department.

When Flash retired in 2013, she had been credited with over 3000 K-9 deployments in her long career and over 2200 narcotic finds. Flash participated in dozens of public demonstrations, school visits, and community-related events throughout her career. Flash passed away on May 13th of 2019 after spending her retirement with her initial handler and our Founder, Jason Johnson. She enjoyed spending her summers on Lake Huron and her winters playing in the snow. K-9 Flash has been featured in several academy textbooks used in teaching Master’s Courses in Law Enforcement, on the homepage of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center website and in a featured article by actor James Best, who’s famous television K-9 she was named after. Flash has been very appreciative to receive a 2nd chance in life and she has spent her life serving the citizens who she worked for and did her best to make her community safer.

K-9 Flash was the inspiration to start the @Project K-9 Hero Foundation to take care of other Police K-9’s in retirement like her. She has her very own children’s book, “K-9 Flash becomes a hero” which she travels the nation reading to schools. She was nominated to be the 2018 American Humane Law Enforcement Dog of the Year!

Please see the following video to learn more about Flash and her impressive career as a K-9 Law Enforcement/Arson Dog:

With this, we are proud to announce that Clear Path for Veterans will be collaborating with @Project K-9 Hero on the naming of incoming canines to be enrolled in the Canine Program. 

The mission of @Project K-9 Hero is: “To protect those who protected our families, communities, and our America.” and their vision is: “To ensure the best quality of life for our nation’s retired Military Working Dogs and Police K-9 Heroes through providing assistance with medical costs, food, and end of duty services.”