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There are many opportunities for Veterans, families and the community to come together and experience multidisciplinary artistic programming and events in the Clear Path’s Art House. We offer instruction in a wide range of mediums for crafters, hobbyists and fine artists that is suitable for beginner through advanced skill levels.

Veterans have the opportunity to both partake in workshops and also lead classes in their areas of interest and expertise. Through a vetting process, we ensure that all instructors are equipped with the tools they need to run a positive and engaging class while adhering to high standards of hospitality and professionalism.

Local professional artists and crafters are encouraged to submit class proposals for our seasonal workshop series. We are interested in programming that explores common and uncommon mediums, cultures and notions of diversity. We welcome our community members to participate in our publicized workshops and contribute a minimum donation of $10/class to support our artistic programming.


Clear Path art programming is unique in that it encourages Veterans and the community to learn and share life experiences through artistic expression which encourages progression through the life cycle of a warrior.


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Weekly Woodcarving sessions are held on Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon with Norm Altman.


Past programming and events have featured mediums such as:









Wood Carving

New Media

Stained Glass



Flower Arranging



Metal Work

Glass Work



Art house events are held in a bright and welcoming studio space, an expansive woodworking area, and outdoors on our serene and picturesque property.

If you are interested in leading a class or workshop series, scroll down for more details.



Laura Pierie received encouragement from the art program manager to participate in a "Heads Up!" art class at Clear Path led by Linda Bigness which culminated in the creation of a paper sculpted head. The class began with a creative writing exercise that was “totally out of my comfort zone, and I may have whispered a couple expletives under my breath. … (But) it wasn’t long before I was immersed in the experience and talking with a WWII Veteran who actually thought it was cool I had served in the 82nd Airborne. I was sitting there thinking ‘Oh my God, are you serious? You were in WWII on a submarine, survived, I am so fortunate to talk with you.’ This class convinced me of the importance of art in helping heal Veterans.”
– Laura Pierie, 82nd Airborne Veteran


“I always have that urge to walk out. Art helps you stay put. It helps you be present, and stay longer in the presence of other people. Some Vets don’t do art because they’re afraid they’re going to drift back and keep drifting back. That’s the fear that they have. If you want to help Vets, you have to keep us right here in the present.”
– Don Earle, Veteran and recipient of the 2017 Director’s Choice Award for his paper sculpted work “Chakazingas!”


“Two and a half years ago, when I first visited Clear Path for Veterans, I could not have anticipated the positive impact it would have on my life. The Arts and Arts Therapy programs have allowed me to silence the stress of 32 years of military life, and hear the voice of my artistic heart and soul. While I have always loved the arts and have worked with many mediums, the programs offered at Clear Path have definitely enhanced that knowledge. I have been involved in the weekly woodcarving sessions, oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, as well as encaustics, collage, decoupage, pastels and drawing. The epitome of this experience has been the yearly Veterans Art Show in which Veterans artists can display their work in various mediums. The sharing of the artistic voice of other Veterans is very special. Many of their works are the visible result of their unique military experiences, in artistic form, for which the human voice has not been able to express. What an opportunity and an experience. Thank You all.”
– Paula Lichvar, U.S. Navy Veteran


Many caregivers choose to participate in our art classes. They connect to others like themselves and relax, knowing that they don’t have to explain themselves amongst peers. Over the years, we have seen many caregivers take advantage of Clear Path’s programming first for themselves, which soon causes the Veteran to follow:
“My husband needs to be doing this, so I am just going to sign up for everything until he joins me.”
– Participant in our Summer 2018 Drawing Series

For Artists + Instructors

Clear Path art programming encourages Veterans and the community to learn and share life experiences through artistic expression. We offer quality instruction in a wide range of mediums for crafters, hobbyists and fine artists with beginner through advanced skill levels. Our programs allow participants to find their voice and confidently connect with others in an accepting and understanding class setting.

We are interested in multidisciplinary programming in any artistic field or medium. We seek instructors who demonstrate excellence in their craft and who possess a strong ability to teach. We demand that our instructors be compassionate, encouraging, inclusive and positive.

If you are interested in volunteering your skills as an instructor, please fill out the general volunteer application by clicking this link.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call (315) 687-3300.