Warrior Golf

Is the golf course open this year?

It is our understanding that the course will not be in operation for the 2018 season.  Clear Path for Veterans is not affiliated with The Ridge – who owns the property – and we cannot attest to what its plans are for the 2018 golf season.

Why isn’t Clear Path operating the golf course this year?

We are taking a “strategic pause” on the Golf Program so that we can focus on the upcoming capital expansion project. Although the capital project is currently in the planning phase, this expansion project will be the largest undertaking at Clear Path since its inception in 2011. It will reflect our community’s commitment to serving Veterans and their families and will set the bar on how we as a nation can holistically support our Veterans, military members and their families. With our focus on both delivering quality programs and services, we need to carefully prioritize our goals and the needs of our Veterans and their families, and this requires a strategic pause on the Warrior Golf Program and how it fits in.

Are The Ridge and Clear Path for Veterans connected in some way?

The Ridge is a for-profit entity with property adjacent to Clear Path for Veterans. It is not affiliated with Clear Path for Veterans.

Will you run the golf course again in the future?

Like all great non-profit organizations, we strive to be as fiscally responsible with our donor resources. We strive to maximize the benefits and outcomes of each program and service provided.  During 2018, we will continue working with the PGA Hope program and reevaluate whether operating a golf course is in the best use of our program’s resources.

Are there opportunities to learn how to play golf?

Yes.  In partnership with the Turning Stone Casino, PGA HOPE provides a six to eight-week golf program led by trained PGA Professionals. Veterans receive golf instruction, course access, and adaptive equipment if needed. If interested, please contact Eric Lorenzetti at eric.lorenzetti@turningstone.com, (315) 361-8074, or (315) 361-7509 for further information. 

Are there any area tournaments that will benefit Clear Path for Veterans?

Several area courses will be holding tournaments to benefit Clear Path’s programs. Our inaugural Warrior Classic presented by NBT Bank will be held Aug. 20 at Turning Stone Resort | Casino in Verona. Also, the third annual Tippy Daughton Memorial Open will be held on July 21 at Timber Banks Golf Course in Baldwinsville. Click both links for full details.