A Gift of Tribute

Honor or Memorialize Your Loved One In Our Great Room

Clear Path was founded in January 2011. The Great Room came supplied with chairs (circa 1971), which allowed us to put off a significant purchase, but in the past six years they have been used for Canteen and a myriad of other programs and they are worn and beginning to break.

Through a unique buying opportunity with China Towne Furniture, we are purchasing chairs to replace the current seating. As we slowly make this transition, we are offering a limited opportunity for people to dedicate these chairs in loving memory or in honor of a Veteran.

Donors have up to three lines of text on a bronze nameplate to inscribe about their Veteran. These nameplates will be affixed to the seatbacks, and they are a lovely act of dedication that will be a permanent fixture at Clear Path.

Not only will you help us raise the funds needed to transition our seating, but every time your chair is used – at Wednesday Canteen or Saturday programming to name a few –  your dedication will be on full display. These nameplates often provide a springboard to conversation, just from the mention of an era, a title, a Veteran’s name or a loved one’s name.

Once we have acquired the chairs and nameplates, we invite you to join us for a Wednesday Canteen to help us christen the new seating.

To reserve your chair for dedication, please make your tax-deductible contribution of $500 to Clear Path for Veterans by contacting us at (315) 687-3300 or downloading and completing the PDF found below: