Women Proudly Served


While we envision Clear Path as being welcoming to people of all ages, genders and backgrounds, we recognize the importance of giving women dedicated programs of their own. Women Proudly Served is a unique entryway into all that Clear Path has to offer.

Women Proudly Served offers social programs, events, wellness modalities, peer-to-peer contact, support in employment and education, and opportunities to connect and integrate with the local community.

Whether you are looking for a social outlet, or trying to tackle life’s obstacles, the women’s program is here for you.

All military-connected women are welcome

We recognize the various roles that women occupy in the military world. We serve active duty and Veteran women in all branches, including Guard and Reserve, no matter their era, combat versus peace-time service, or discharge status. Additionally, we are proud to serve those women who are spouses, partners and caregivers.

What makes our program special

We understand that there may be concerns or hesitations in stepping out to connect. If your time of service was challenging, you might feel disconnected from the camaraderie of your service. Women in caregiver roles can be reluctant or feel unable to take time for themselves. Those who are used to taking care of themselves and their family may not feel like they “need” anything from a program.

We get it.


While women are resilient and self-sustaining, connecting with those who have served and sacrificed through programming at Clear Path rejuvenates your soul and reconnects you to the positive experiences and camaraderie of having served our great nation.

Our program offerings are diverse, practical, fun and engaging. Each individual is able to craft a unique experience with Clear Path based on personal needs and interests. There is no set agenda, and you can move at the pace you desire.

We believe there is great value in surrounding yourself with others who understand your background. Many women have come to love the freedom of being able to listen to and share stories from this unique community. They don’t have to explain themselves or justify their thoughts. With Women Proudly Served, you are heard, respected and accepted.

Female Veterans lead our families and our community

“[The women’s program staff] have a way of convincing Veterans to do things they would never consider, but … I believe this ends up saving many Veterans.”

– Laura Pierie, Veteran


Check our calendar listings for upcoming events. If you have additional questions, please contact us at SocialEngagement@ClearPathForVets.com.