Our Staff

Alexander Behm

Executive Director

Christopher Flaherty

President & CEO

Bethany Frank

Executive Assistant

Stephanie DeVries

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Ryan Woodruff

National Director of Canine Programming

Lance Stenfeldt

Northern Tier Regional Peer Support Manager

Sue Virgil

Development Manager

Terry Finley

National Outreach Manager

Lynn Fox

Community Outreach Manager

Stephanie Venezia

Office Manager

Casey Eberhardt

Puppy Development Coordinator

Kellie Hatton

Canine Program Training Manager

Marissa Olivieri

Canine Program Trainer

Pat Chase

Behavioral Health Consultant

Rob Solano

Peer Support Manager

Sydney Maurer

Regional Peer Support Manager - Central Region

Jonathan Wanglund

Regional Peer Support Coordinator, Southern Tier

Katina Sinclair

Community Outreach Coordinator, Southern Tier

Justin Muir

Canine Care Technician

Lizzette Donigan

Human Resources Manager

Susan Goodfellow

Accounting Assistant

Yvonne Schermerhorn

Culinary Assistant

Louis Lindstrom

Warriors Working Manager

Matt Vanderwerken

Director of Operations

Adam Coleman

Sous Chef

Taffey Popka

Human Resources Coordinator

Michael Green

Peer Support Manager

Ashley Sloan

Social Media Manager

Daniel Sullivan

Peer Support Manager

Michael Sheets

Executive Chef

Peter Maraday

Regional Peer Support Manager, Hudson Valley

Robert Baldoze

Facilities Manager

Skylar McClure

Canine Program Client Services Coordinator

Zachary Morlang

Peer Support Manager, Western NY