Memorial Day message from Clear Path for Veterans

In May 1866, the residents of nearby Waterloo, NY, paused their everyday lives to honor those who served during the Civil War. Businesses closed, flags adorned every porch and lamp post, and the entire community came together to remember the sacrifice of the few for the betterment of the many. And so, the tradition of Memorial Day was borne right here in Central New York.

All these years later, the last Monday in May remains a day of solemn reflection when we, as a community and as a country, remember all those who paid the last full measure for the American ideal. To honor their memory this Memorial Day, we all should strive to earn their sacrifice in ways great and small - help a neighbor, volunteer, vote, and be part of something greater than yourself.

Here at Clear Path for Veterans, we aspire to do exactly that and invite all of you to join us in this most rewarding of pursuits - sponsor an event, volunteer, donate, or come out to our Red, White, and Blue BBQ on June 18. No contribution is too small, and no action is without purpose. Together, we can celebrate Memorial Day every day - our veterans and their families deserve nothing less.

 The Clear Path for Veterans family