Wellness Programs

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What is social engagement at Clear Path for Veterans? Social engagement encompasses those activities that promote social interaction either between peers of whatever group we are serving (Veterans, caregivers, families, etc.) or creates comradery between groups (i.e. Veterans and the community, Families, and the community, etc.). Its purpose is to break social isolation, create opportunities for one to experience a wider scope of healthy activities, build meaningful bonds, and improve one’s overall health.

Art and Woodshop Workshops:

There are many opportunities for Veterans, families, and the community to come together and experience multidisciplinary artistic programming and events in the Clear Path’s Art House and Woodshop. We offer instruction in a wide range of mediums for crafters, hobbyists, and fine artists that are suitable for beginner through advanced skill levels.


Veterans have the opportunity to both partake in workshops and lead classes in their areas of interest and expertise. Through a vetting process, we ensure that all instructors are equipped with the tools they need to run a positive and engaging class while adhering to high standards of hospitality and professionalism.

Local professional artists, crafters, skilled tradespeople, and other professionals are encouraged to submit class proposals for our workshops. We are interested in programming that explores common and uncommon mediums, cultures, and notions of diversity. We welcome our community members to participate in our publicized workshops and contribute a minimum donation of $15/class to support our programming.                 

Clear Path programming is unique in that it encourages Veterans and the community to learn and share life experiences through creative expression which encourages progression through the life cycle of a warrior.

Women Proudly Served

We recognize the various roles that women occupy in the military world. We serve active duty and Veteran women in all branches, including Guard and Reserve, no matter their era, combat versus peace-time service, or discharge status. While women are resilient and self-sustaining, connecting with those who have served and sacrificed, through programming at Clear Path, rejuvenates your soul and reconnects you to the positive experiences and camaraderie of having served our great nation. 

We believe there is great value in surrounding yourself with others who understand your background. Many women have come to love the freedom of being able to listen to and share stories from this unique community. They don’t have to explain themselves or justify their thoughts. With Women Proudly Served, you are heard, respected, and accepted.

Women Proudly Served hosts coffee mornings at sites throughout the community and does not require a sign-up. Come out and enjoy the company of other women who have served and connect to those in the community who offer to host these outings. Annually, we host a Women Veteran appreciation day each summer. 

To see any upcoming Women Proudly Events check out our calendar here.

Community Resources

Members or businesses of our community, on occasion, contact us about special events or offers they are extending to Veterans, active military, reserve, guard, caretakers, significant others, or family members. We maintain a list of these as they are extended in this section. All offers are from either a trusted provider, VA contacts, Veteran business owners, or friends of Clear Path.  If you want to share your experience (good and bad), please contact us at the email below. We value your feedback and use it when making referrals.

To sign up for upcoming events click here.

If the event does not require sign up, please check our calendar for more information.

For questions, email us at Wellness@ClearPathForVets.com.