Look below for ideas on where you’d like to get involved! We have a strong need for volunteers willing to grow into our family-style work environment. We have opportunities for volunteers on a daily and weekly basis. We need extra help around special events such as participation at parades and fairs, fundraisers, barbecues, and military Veteran appreciation days. We have special opportunities available for large groups interested in fulfilling community service requirements.

  • Wednesday Canteen
  • Facility maintenance & care
  • Special event set up & preparation
  • Wellness Education
  • Veteran Transportation / Mobility
  • Office support / front desk
  • Off-site information tables
  • Cleaning, outdoor cleanup
  • Hiking trail projects, gardening, weeding

Our Volunteer Program understands that “giving back” is a necessary ingredient to a healthy community. Volunteers are recruited, trained, and educated about military culture and understand the importance of “new” service, as it relates to a Veteran’s reintegration into their community.

Our volunteer program engages the community to become more sensitive and knowledgeable of military and warrior culture and encourages Veterans participating in our services and programs to transform their military experience into a new service footprint. Through service, both Veterans and non-Veterans can find common ground in giving back to their military servicemen and women and in turn, contribute to a healthy community.

For details about volunteer opportunities with the Canine Program, click here