Canine Program

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Clear Path for Veterans offers select Canine Programs for both Veterans and community members who wish to participate in training with their canine companions. It is our goal to improve and enhance the quality of life of each of those who have the opportunity to engage in our training programs. Learning the value of the human-animal bond as well as the healing power of animal training are concepts that we aim to achieve during your participation. The path through training focuses on social engagement, positive outlooks, and tighter communities. Each of these programs was specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the participant and their canine.



What is the Clear Path for Veterans Community Canine Program?

Thank you for your interest in Clear Path's Community Canine Program. At this time, this program is currently on pause. We will update this information when we begin the Community Canine Program again.

Through years of experience and collaboration with canine professionals, Clear Path for Veterans has developed a highly successful training model that is now being offered to the general public. To engage the community in supporting our mission, we’ve opened our facility to the general public by offering training in early development and socialization, behavioral modification, basic to advanced level obedience, off-leash handling, and much more. This is accomplished through one-on-one private training sessions and our weekly Puppy Socialization classes; all of which provide direct, financial support to our canine program for Veterans

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Canine Program

The Canine Program is for those who are seeking an alternative and integrative form of healing and reintegration into the civilian culture. Throughout a 6- to 12-month journey, Veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress (PTS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and/or military sexual trauma (MST) will connect with their canine companions on a mutually-beneficial level. This evidence-based training has proven success in mitigating symptoms related to PTS and increasing self-compassion.

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Puppy Development Program

The Puppy Development Program at Clear Path for Veterans is designed to raise and train canines for a period of up to 24 months prior to being placed with a selected Veteran. During their 18-month training cycle, these canines will be learning the skills to become service dogs. Each puppy is carefully selected for health, temperament, and trainability prior to being selected for this “career.” A “career” is ultimately what path the canine will follow upon training completion. This could not be accomplished without the support of Canine Guardians. Our Canine Guardians undergo this 18- to 24-month journey of training and development with their selected canines. Clear Path for Veterans is conducting ongoing recruitment of Canine Guardians and encourages anyone who is interested to reach out to the Canine Program department at

A Clear Path Canine Guardian must maintain the ability to:

  • Actively foster their matched canine for a period of up to 24 months
  • Attend weekly training sessions at pre-designated locations
  • Provide a safe and consistent living environment
  • Incorporate the matched canine into a daily routine including outings
  • Provide transportation to and from Clear Path for Veterans’ headquarters facility in Chittenango
  • Provide supervision and monitor progress throughout the foster period
  • Follow instructions as directed by the Canine Program staff
  • Act as an ambassador to the Clear Path Canine Program
  • Return the canine upon request

If you are able to meet these requirements and are interested in this program, please click the following link and complete the application:

Apply to be a Clear Path Canine Guardian

Puppy Ambassador Program

Puppy Ambassadors are Clear Path volunteers within the Canine program who help with daily tasks and training with our puppies while they reside on Clear Path property from 8 - 16 weeks. During this time, they will help the Canine team with particular activities such as exposure to new things, field trips, and socialization as these are critical to a pup's development before they go to live with their Canine Guardians. 

A Clear Path Puppy Ambassador must maintain the ability to:  
  • Complete all weekly training sessions prior to meeting/training/interacting with our puppies.
  • Take puppies on outings or field trips.
  • Provide transportation to and from Clear Path when needed.
  • Participate in play, walks, and social activities both on and off-campus.
  • Act as an ambassador for the Clear Path Canine Program.
  • Assist in socializing puppies with items on our socialization checklist.

If interested in becoming a Puppy Ambassador for Clear Path's Canine Program please fill out a volunteer form here or email Stephanie Venezia at

If you have any questions about the Canine Program, please email us at Thank you for your interest.

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